A unique Journey to Southern England where we will Explore the Tree Grails and their significance to us as an inner matrix of our Soul Being. The Grail of Humanity is beautifully exemplified in Glastonbury. The almost unknown Grail of Angels can be experienced in Sheepscombe Valley. The Grail of the Sidhe invites us to visit the wildness as it is found in Devon-Dartmoor where we let go of business as usual.


Grail of Humanity: 18-20. sep. 2020
Glastonbury is world famous for its unique story and lore about the Druids, the Jesus Child and King Arthur. Its beautiful Tor, dedicated to the archangel Michael, it an iconic place to visit, together with Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well and Wearyall Hill. We will experience the Landscape Temple of Glastonbury and connect with the living, inner Grail that relates to the story of Humanity.



Grail of the Angels: 21. sep. 2020
In Gloucestershire the valley in Sheepscombe can be found. It holds an amazing, almost forgotten, story of cooperation between Angels and Humanity via the clairvoyant Seer, Geoffrey Hodson. The Valley, a truly peaceful and protected place, can open itself to the earnest seekers and we have a unique access to its sacred world. The valley itself is a Grail for us today.



Grail of the Sidhe: 22-25. sep. 2020
We will connect with the Sidhe Grail in the Wilderness of nature in Devon. Here we can let go of the business as usual and engage with the natural landscape that invites us to rediscover our forgotten Sidhe Nature. This adventure can also make us wonder how the threads of Humanity, Angels and Sidhe can weave a new Wholeness.





As soon as possible a more detailed description will follow. This gives a general picture of the theme and flow of the Journey.



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PRICE: (Exclusive flight exp.) APPR. 1500 USD$


CONTACT: Contact Søren in a mail: if you are eager to participate. Write your FULL NAME, POSTAL ADRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER AND MAIL. Søren will return to you as soon as the final info are in place and registration is possible.