With Joy we share…

Sussie Luscinia Nielsen and I will participate as Teachers at this special Findhorn Conference about Co-Creative Spirituality. Our workshops and presentations will be about the Sidhe. We will contribute together with highly esteemed colleagues. It is a great honor. See all details here: https://www.findhorn.org/programmes/co-creative-spirituality/



The Gentle Wildness: Our cousins, The Sidhe, are our closest relatives in the Gaian ecology. Their very name is Gaelic and means ‘People of the Mounds’ but it also means Peace and Wind. This is a beautiful clue to the gifts in our contact and friendly collaboration with the Sidhe. Connecting with them is an opportunity for us to rediscover our deep peace as well as the wild wind of our spirit. The deepest hope for the World lies in the forgotten Wildness at the very core of our nature. We have tamed ourselves into an almost zombielike rigidity that is predictable and destructive, endlessly repeating old patterns of dominance and exploitation. Reconnecting with our Sidhe relatives is a golden opportunity for them and us to start a new healing journey for Gaian wholeness. It is not without risk due to deeply rooted patterns within us as well as the Sidhe, but it is worth attempting as we both respond to the Clarion Call for compassionate planetary transformation. Isolation cannot be afforded any more – co-creation is a must. So let us start the new journey towards Gentle Wildness!

The Butterfly and the Mountain: Our destination is the land of ‘The Butterfly Mountain’, the state of being where our inner Sidhe-nature emerges. When we truly “land in our land” we experience our mountain-nature of deep grounding. This opens for our flowing life-musicality, the inner Butterfly that surf and navigate on the ‘Air Sea of the Present’. When the two merge we become The Butterfly Mountain of empowered livingness. We will explore this realm through movement, sound, meditation and co-creative sharing in a spirit of playfulness and joy.

Wildness and Renewal: The real hope for the World lies in Wildness. We need to renew ourselves in order to renew the pattern of our shared world. This cannot be accomplished within the framework of ‘business as usual’. Exploration into the Wilderness of our Heartland is a must, and connecting with our Sidhe relatives is a potential great help as they are accomplished ‘tour-guides’ to the wild destinations of our Gaian Realm. Through experiential exercises of moving vibration and imagination we will start exploring the land of renewal.


The Body as Sidhe-portal: When we are in the body in a way that feels natural and good, we are potentially an open Sidhe-portal. It is this presence and consciousness in the body that makes it possible to sense and experience in a more refined way. This session is about landing in the body, so we are more fully aware and the Sidhe-presence becomes natural and effortless. The use of sound and body experiences will practically help us to land in the body and enter into the Sidhe-reality.

Sidhe-Resonance: We will explore the emerging art of resonating from our own inner Sidhe-essence into the larger Sidhe-field. How do we learn to recognize our Sidhe-nature within, so we can acknowledge and collaborate with our Sidhe relatives? How do we find the balance and awareness in our energetic system so the contact with the larger Sidhe-realm can be as much in flow and flux as possible? Body, voice and presence will be used in exercises creating awareness of subtle sensing.