3-day workshop – Findhorn 19-21. Oct. 2019

Within all of us is a gentle wildness waiting to be liberated. This part of our mostly hidden nature is unfolded in our cousins, the Sidhe, and bringing it forth will make us into more whole humans: offspring of both the earth and the stars. During this workshop we will learn to rewild ourselves and reclaim our inner Sidhe nature through music, transformative exercises, meditations, anchoring, movement, voice and imagination.

Reclaiming Your Lost Wildness

We have lost our wildness, the most natural part of our inherent wholeness. Evolution has unfolded many abilities in our nature, but today the costs are to be seen in our emotional predictability and mental tameness. We need to start the adventure of reclaiming our lost wildness and enter the forgotten land. You and I are untamed spiritual beings and we are meant to express all our creative beauty and powerful heart in embodied manifestation.

The adventure of wild awakening is a celebration of our joyful livingness, our gentle authenticity and our creative connectedness. You have the potential to bring greater richness, aliveness and spontaneity into your life. We invite you to journey towards this wild freedom through this three day event!

Partnering With The Sidhe

Our closest relatives, the Sidhe, have unfolded aspects of their wild nature that we can learn from, and they can learn from our deeply rooted humaneness. We belong to the same life-stream and we share ancestry. At this moment in our evolution, we can choose to form a new partnership. We can change the division between humanity and the Sidhe into a shared space of life-musicality and joyful connectedness that will greatly help the healing of the Earth.

Learning about the Sidhe is part of this great reconnection, and it helps us unfold our own, mostly forgotten, inner Sidhe nature. During our time together, we will discover and learn how to weave into our lives the hidden Sidhe aspects in our forgotten inner landscape. This includes connecting with nature to discover the wild wisdom within and around us.

Experiencing The Taste Of Sidhe

During our workshop we will focus on how you can start unfolding your wild presence and your authentic gentleness in new ways. We will follow the three guidelines: ‘Be You, Be Gentle, Be Wild’, and experience the taste of ‘Sidheness’ with exercises of “getting lost to find your path”. These three days will take us into territory that may be unfamiliar, moving and revelatory. We will come away from them more having explored more deeply our own mysterious depths and the emerging story of the reunion of the Sidhe and humanity.

It is all about natural resonance, joyful connectedness and being rooted both in the Earth and the stars, with our full dignity and innocence. In this spirit we will gain skills for connecting with the Sidhe and help your own Sidhe nature to unwind, permeate and expand in your conscious awareness and daily life. At the core of our journey is a celebration of a sacred, hidden treasure: your true, gentle wildness!


Søren Hauge has worked as a Danish Spiritual Teacher since 1981. For 30 years he worked full-time as a teacher in Theosophy and Esoteric Psychology, mostly in Scandinavia, and also engaged with interreligious dialogue. He has an MA in history of ideas and philosophy, has published 18 books and developed his own path as spiritual coach, specialising in sidhe wisdom, SoulFlow healing and energy psychology. Søren is a Lorian associate. www.sorenhauge.com/en

Sussie Luscinia Nielsen has been working with music, song, dance, body-therapy and spirituality for 20 years. She was trained in Life Energy Process (LEP) by Stephano Sabetti and dance therapy by Vivian Persson. She has an MA in Traditional Irish Music Performance from the University of Limerick in Ireland. She has released three CDs of songs and one of them won Danish Music Awards in 2007. Sussie also has a diploma as an Executive Spirit Coach. www.soundcloud.com/sussieluscinianielsen & www.lusciniasnest.dk