A unique Journey to Southern England where we will Explore the Tree Grails and their significance to us as an inner matrix of our Soul Being. The Grail of Humanity is beautifully exemplified in Glastonbury. The almost unknown Grail of Angels can be experienced in Sheepscombe Valley. The Grail of the Sidhe invites us to visit the wildness as it is found in Devon-Dartmoor where we let go of business as usual.




The Grail is the holding space of your very being, the field of your gentle, creative power. It is the essence of your Soul Space, carrying the flow of life and the healing powers within you. It is the love nature and a deep mystery that must be discovered again and again on our adventure of awakening.


On this shared journey we will open ourselves to the Grail in its threefold nature – at the same time being a revelation of our Humanity, our Angelic being and our Sidhe nature or ElvenHeart. In the realm of the Grail of Humanity we encounter the compassionate heart that has experienced pain and contrasts, gradually unfolding the redeeming humaneness and empathy. In the realm of the Angelic Grail we experience the universal nature of light and the deep identity with Cosmos and the creative joy. In the Realm of the Sidhe Grail we meet our inner ElvenHeart, weaving wholeness in the magical world of life-musicality, deeply connected with the pristine, wild nature of our living core.


Together the three worlds constitute a yet undiscovered wholeness we will integrate as we open ourselves to the Angel within us and the ElvenHeart of our Human nature. We will follow this track in the nature of England. By being in the landscapes and enter key places we will open ourselves to the triple nature of the Grail and how it is embodied in us and in nature.





Grail of Humanity: 18-20. sep. 2020

We have two full days in Glastonbury, known for its historical and mythical connection to the Druids, Jesus, King Arthur and the legend of the Holy Grail. Glastonbury vibrate with a depth and spirituality that inspire millions of people around the world. We connect with Glastonbury Landscape Temple, its Grail dimension and its significance for we humans. We meditate at selected places and connect with the loving power of the living Grail. We will also have time to be inspired by the spiritual shops and atmosphere of the city. Glastonbury iconic Tor, dedicated to the archangel Michael, is a very special place to visit, together with Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well and Wearyall Hill.




Grail of the Angels: 21. sep. 2020

In Gloucestershire, North of Glastonbury is a rare, beautiful and quite unknown valley that has been the focal-point for perhaps one of the most important co-creative connections between angels and humans, being the place to which the clairvoyant teacher, Geoffrey Hodson (1886-1983) was drawn. The valley itself is a veritable Grail and it has been the preparative place for the angelic cooperation that later unfolded in the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland. We will spend one day in the truly peaceful and protected Sheepscombe Valley where we will open ourselves for the magical, peaceful space and be inspired to let our own Angelic Grail unfold.




Grail of the Sidhe: 22-25. sep. 2020

We will continue the journey to Devon South of Glastonbury to experience the unique, wild nature that open to our ElvenHeart or Sidhe-nature. Here we spend 3 days, let go of the energy and become inspired by the rawness, inviting us to dance into the unknown now of Grailspace. Exactly where the present is born on the cusp of the Horizon of the Heart, surrounded by the green wilderness, the flowing waters, the high cliffs and the deep falls, we open ourselves to the Realm of the Sidhe Grail and let the song of the ElvenHeart complete the threefold Grail within us.







Søren Hauge has worked as spiritual teacher, coach and author since 1981. He has written 18 books and in recent years he has specialized in the SoulFlow Method (a healing-therapeutic work), Sidhe Wisdom, group-journeys and client work. He works closely with his partner, Sussie Luscinia Nielsen, and cooperates with colleagues in and outside Denmark. He is a Lorian Associate and committed to Incarnational Spirituality. Søren has an MA in History of Ideas and philosophy and many years of experience with work in esoteric and holistic groups, mostly in Scandinavia, together with interreligious cooperation. His website has an English section: www.sorenhauge.com/english



Sussie Luscinia Nielsen has been working with music, song, dance, body-therapy and spirituality for 20 years. She was trained in Life Energy Process (LEP) by Stephano Sabetti and dance therapy by Vivian Persson who was her primary teacher. She has an MA in Traditional Irish Music Performance from the University of Limerick in Ireland. She has released three CDs of songs and one of them won Danish Music Awards in 2007. Sussie also has a diploma as an Executive Spirit Coach. Listen to Sussie: https://soundcloud.com/sussieluscinianielsen Her songs can be purchased on iTunes – search for her albums “Pigens Morgen”, “Day is Dawning” and “After Rain”.






GLASTONBURY is a unique place, intimately connected to the legend about the child Jesus that visited the land of the druids with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, and founded a church in the heart of Glastonbury. It is also associated with King Arthur, the leader of the Knights of the Round Table and buried here. The story about the Human Gral is imbedded in this special place. According to tradition the physical Grail is here, beneath Chalice Well. However, Glastonbury is also a place where natural magic abides, connected with the celtic spirituality and the landscape temple of the area is a great teacher, from the iconic Tor to Wearyall Hill with the Abbey and Chalice Well between them.





SHEEPSCOMBE VALLEY is an almost unknown valley in Gloucestershire that was chosen almost 100 years back to be a unique place of communication between the clairvoyant seer and teacher, Geoffrey Hodson, and the angels of the place, wanting to create a co-creative space between them. The magical peace and undisturbed atmosphere of the valley is extraordinary, and we will enter this world to connect with the Angelic Grail. At the same time the area leads towards all that could later unfold at Findhorn in Northern Scotland decades later. Because of this, it is a rare epicenter for a great wave in the world, and the presence of it is still today shiningly alive in the Valley of Peace.




DARTMOOR is an area in England, exuding by a special wildness and it is obvious to seek it if you want to open yourself to the uncontrollable Sidhe-nature of your ElvenHeart. The last days our focus is the raw nature and our connection to the authentic, gentle wildness. Here the third aspect of our Grail nature can get undivided attention. We will visit specific places in this realm and take our time to integrate the living presence and the Elven-part of our Grailspace. It will be a rare and partly unpredictable phase of our Grail Journey where the preceding phases and contacts can land, both in the outer nature and within ourselves.





Here follows the plan for each day – with a reservation for changes due to circumstances.


WEDNESDAY 9. SEP. 2020: In bus we drive from Stansted Airport and arrive in Glastonbury. The group is gathered, and the journey and the threefold Grail theme is introduced.


THURSDAY 10. SEP. 2020: We will walk Glastonbury Tor with a teaching about the Human Grail and attuning meditatively. We will also explore Glastonbury Abbey.


FRIDAY 11. SEP. 2020: Visit to Chalice Well with a meditative focus on the inner reality of the Grail. We also walk to Wearyall Hill. Time to experience many of the spiritual shops in Glastonbury as well.


SATURDAY 12. SEP. 2020: We drive from Glastonbury to Sheepscombe Valley where we spend the day in the valley with teaching and nature meditation iin the landscape where Geoffrey Hodson initiated co-creative work with angels and laid the foundation for the later unfoldment at Findhorn in Scotland. A special focus on the Angelic Grail within us. We drive back to Glastonbury for the last night there.


SUNDAY 13. SEP. 2020: We depart from Glastonbury and head towards Devon, where we will be in Dartmoor. We arrive at our place and settle in. Then we take of towards the first destination in the area. Teaching about the Sidhe-Grail within us and its significance.


MONDAY 14. SEP. 2020: We drive to a chosen area in Dartmoor, where we connect with the Sidhe Realm and experience the Sidhe Grail within us. We plan to be outdoor all day.


TUESDAY 15. SEP. 2020: We use all day to visit other selected places in Dartmoor. Teaching, meditation and sharing of experience have our focus.


WEDNESDAY 16. SEP. 2020: Departure with bus from our place in Devon and to Stansted Airport.




(With a right to minor changes)


Now you can sign up to attend this journey!


Destination: SouthWest England: Glastonbury, Sheepscombe Valley and Dartmoor in Devon.


Dates: 9-16. September 2020.


Price: 1.750 USD$ - excl. Flight Ticket (see further below)


Accomodation and transport: We live 4 days in Glastonbury and 3 days in Devon. The exact places will be shared ASAP. We have a rented bus and driver who transport us all days from start to end.


Flight: Departure from your airport to Stansted Airport in England where we are picked up by bus. It is important that you get your ticket as soon as possible so price and seat is in order for you, and so we can be sure you are arriving at the appr. agreed time in the airport.


Maximum participants: 20 – plus Søren Hauge and Sussie Luscinia Nielsen.


Language: The journey will be bi-lingual as there will be Scandinavians participating who prefer also to hear things in Danish. The language will therefore be English and Danish – and this only gives the tour leaders extra work and benefits all participants. In general Scandinavians easily understand English and learn it in school. This should therefore not create any divisions between the  participants, although some Scandinavians might need supporting communication in Danish.


Registration: 1) Write an e-mail to sorenhauge@gmail.com with info about name, post address including country, mail and telephone number. 2) Pay deposit (560 USD$ - see below). If payment of deposit is not possible immediately, agree with Søren about exact details.


Latest date for registration: 1. March 2020.


Payment: Deposit 560 USD$. Payed by registration to WiseHeart Merkur Bank: International transfer: Swift: mekudk21 - IBAN: dk8684010001563842 – OR by PayPal to Søren Hauge.


Balance: At the latest 30 days before departure.


Cancellation policy: The deposit minus 50 USD$ in administration fee is refunded by cancellation before 1. March 2020 if a new participant is able to take the place. Cancellation later than 1. March 2020 only due to serious illness with refunding minus deposit.


Organizer: Wiseheart, www.sorenhauge.com by Søren Hauge & Sussie Luscinia Nielsen.



* Acommodation for 7 nights at a hotel.

* Breakfast, fruit and drinking.

* Transport in bus.

* Bus from Stansted Airport to place in Glastonbury and back from Devon to Stansted Airport.

* Entrance fee to places.

* Teaching & materials.



* Airplane to Stansted Airport and back.

* Transport between home and airport in home country.

* Dinner and lunch.

* Luggage insurance.

* Travel insurance.