Søren Hauge

Søren Hauge (1961) has worked as a Danish Spiritual Teacher since 1981. For 30 years he worked full-time as a teacher in Theosophy and Esoteric Psychology, mostly in Scandinavia. He has an MA in history of ideas and philosophy from Aarhus University, has published 20 books and developed his own path as spiritual coach, specializing in SoulFlow, SidheWisdom and EnergyPsychology. Since 2007 he has been arranging spiritual group journeys to different countries and has been invited as teacher to US (Phoenix - Arizona, Tahlequah - Oklahoma and Seattle -Washington).


We are born innocent and maturing in a natural way brings wisdom and empowerment to innocence. My passion is to be my fullest self with integrity and to assist others in becoming what they truly are so we can enter our world stage with the gentle wildness that is needed right now and here. I am amazed by the richness and surprises of our mysterious humanity and I am dedicated to help facilitate its emergence on our precious, shared home – known as Gaia or Earth. You can contact me on mail, mobile or Facebook.


We need the full force of presence in our changing world. When authentic human presence withdraws it is gradually replaced by habitual conformity, superficial values and the passive zombie-mentality that makes brutality, manipulation and suffering the norm. Presence is the saving grace we need as it brings us on stage. We become agents of transformation and learn how to dance on the edge of newness, the fresh, joyful engagement that embraces past and future in the Now.



SoulFlow has been developed by Kenneth Sørensen and Søren Hauge, from Joyful Evolution (Gordon Davidson) and Psychosynthesis (Roberto Assagioli). It is a psycho-spiritual, healing-therapeutic method with insights and practices also relating to Incarnational Spirituality, Integral Psychology and Holistic thinking. Since 2014 more than 50 SoulFlow Guides have been educated in Danmark and the method is used with clients.


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SidheWisdom emerges from ancient insights and new contacts with our Sidhe-relatives, beings that share a common ancestry with us, but later evolved into another evolution known as Elves, Huldre or Sidhe. A crucial element is the fact that we Humans have a rudimentary Sidhe-nature that can be awakened – in fact making us more whole as Humans – unfolding our Gaian-Human Nature. This is the main theme of Sørens engagement with the Sidhe.


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EnergyPsychology is a modern typology developed by Kenneth Sørensen and Søren Hauge, stemming from insights found in Esoteric Psychology and the work of Roberto Assagioli. It is a teaching full of insights about our human nature, easily applied in coaching via an online Identity Profile. This pioneering work is now being presented both in Danish and English.


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Journeys, Webinars and Workshops are being conducted by Søren. Subscribe to his newsletter on the front page (see below): Forside and learn more about his current activities. You can also have a look here: Aktiviteter (Activities) and if you scroll down there are probably current English activities to find although most of them is in Danish.



Tel: (+45) 60 88 41 06

Mail: sorenhauge@gmail.com

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Soren as a friend and colleague for over a decade. During this time, I’ve been impressed with many things about him–his knowledge of the spiritual path, his insights and wisdom, his skill as a teacher, his wit and good-humor, his integrity and his genuineness as a person–but perhaps most of all, I admire his ability to keep growing and to explore new territory beyond the boundaries of what has been familiar. He doesn’t rest on his accomplishments or his past knowledge but keeps challenging himself to open up new directions. To me, this is essential in a spiritual teacher since the sacredness of the world is always revealing itself in new ways. Soren is a pioneer and a guide, and one whom I trust wholeheartedly. I am proud to call him my friend.”


David Spangler (Spiritual Teacher, Author, co-founder of Lorian Association)

“I have known Soren Hauge for many years and he has proven himself to be a dedicated, heartful server of humanity in a multitude of different dimensions, including outlining the history of the higher help humanity as has received from the spiritual Masters and the nature beings that surround us, teaching many people the fundamental truths of who we are as spiritual beings and our place in the Divine Plan, and a deep interest in spiritual psychology which he has developed to a very high level with his SoulFlow training. I have always found him to be a person of the highest integrity, with deep, heartfelt love for humanity, a clear soul, mind and heart focus on how to move our planet forward to its next stage of evolution. He is a true server and a gift to the world.”


Gordon Asher Davidson (Author of The Transfiguration of Our World, The Practical Visionary and Spiritual Politics)

”Søren and I are colleagues and companions in a shared field of interest and dedication: psychology from the side of the soul and for the soul. What I have always appreciated in him is his commitment to connect an expanded and inclusive vision of life with the practical, simple, daily life as human being: a fulfilled multidimensionality which is quite rare and that makes him able to accompany people contacting their higher potentialities and to apply them in ordinary life. Another aspect of Soren which has touched me since the very first moment I met him is his smile: I would say the art of smiling as pure expression of the joy which he irradiates around him, to his friends and for sure to clients and groups as well.“


Marina Bernardi (Psychologist, Teacher, President for Community of Living Ethics, Città della Pieve, Italy)

“It is easy to be in awe of someone like Søren with his resume’ of accomplished author, spiritual teacher, and wise counselor. Read his work – you will be rewarded. But to meet him is to instantly feel at ease and to be in the company of a friend. He combines the joy of a child, the energy of a teenager and the sagacity of an elder. Søren is adept at navigating the otherworlds while opening our eyes to the beauty and magic of our everyday world.”


Jeremy Berg (Author, Artist, Owner of Lorian Press)

“Søren is a bold explorer of those inner realms of consciousness and dimensions of reality that comprise our sacred planetary eco-system. His joyful and insightful approach calls forth new perspectives and awareness in those who travel with him.”


Michael Lindfield (President, Meditation Mount, Ojai California)

“Søren Hauge is a teacher and soul-friend whose presence if full of love, light and wonder. He embodies the depth of his own visionary life with humility, wisdom and joy. What a gift to know him! “


Deborah Koff-Chapin (www.touchdrawing.com)

“To know Soren is to know the potential that lives in each of our hearts to be whole, fully incarnate human beings on planet Earth. For he radiates this potential and wholeness himself – in his teachings, his inspired writings, and especially in his warm and passionate presence of being. I am so grateful to call Soren my friend and colleague, and to share, in his own words, “the Call of the Wild, Green Heart.” (The Wild Alliance.) When the demands of daily existence are too much, and I forget my own depths of wisdom and creativity within, Soren’s work reminds me of who I really am. I turn off the computer and open the “doors.” I sing and dance. I kneel in the forest in dappled light. I walk with waves on windswept shores. I return to my source, my wholeness. I give thanks to All who know me and who are always – joyfully, lovingly – calling me, calling all of us, Home.”


Lucinda Herring (Home Funeral Consultant, Guide & Director, ordained minister)

“Søren is a truly good human being and a consummate teacher. He shares his experience of the inner realms and love of the natural world from a deep wise heart, and an open willingness to be thoughtfully present. When you are with him, he is there, interested, curious, generous, honoring. He is a great story teller, rambunctiously spontaneous and often infectiously funny. In a group and in his writing, Søren has that rare ability to see the big picture, organize the details within it, and still remain open to an intuitive flow that is generating itself in the moment. I would learn something powerful from any class he teaches, find myself expanded by any talk he gives and any book he writes. And I love to go for walks in the woods with such a good friend of the earth!”


Rue Anne Hass (www.intuitivementoring.com)

“Søren Hauge is a distinguished author and teacher of the Ageless Wisdom. I have been privileged to collaborate with Søren for a number of years and have always been impressed by his unusual ability to bring the Great Teaching to his students—with clarity, simplicity, inspiration, loving-understanding and humor! While his esoteric knowledge is definitely extensive, it is his big, open heart which makes him a living example of the Teaching he conveys. This is a winning combination and his student blossom in knowledge, love and wisdom under his care.”


Michael Robbins, Ph.D. (President: University of the Seven Rays and Seven Ray Institute, Director: Morya Federation)