Spiritual Group-Journey to the Faroe Islands in 2021 (29/6-6/7 & 8-15/7), for English speaking people, and with Søren Hauge as guide and teacher.


Far up in the Atlantic ocean there is a tiny, green realm so huge that it defies imagination. The green isles known as the Faroe Islands, is a mostly undiscoveret world of beauty and wildness. It’s impossible not to be deeply affected by the poetic nature, the greatness right in front of you, the changing weather, the history and life of the Faroese people, and not the least the interplay between the mountains (”fjelds”) and the sea. A richness of colors and hues on the land and in the sky overflows and the glittering, murmuring streams of singing waters running down from the peaks, right into the opening hearts of those who seek retreat and rejuveation in this remote realm. The Faroe Islands is a mythical and a real world, leading into nature spirits, angels and not the least to the Sidhe or Huldra people as they are called here. The inhabitants of the realms ”in-between”, in the pausing between sound and stillness, belong to the land and to the portals opening between the mountains and the grass, the stones and the water.


Green Elvenforce

This group Journey will be 8 days in breathtaking nature, visiting some of the most incredible places on the Faroe Islands between Iceland and Norway and above Orkney and Shetland. We will meditate, sing, dance and be in the stillness in the wild areas, giving our own ElvenHearts space to open up and inviting to partnership with our Sidhe- or Elven-relatives. It is a journey in silent anchoring, connectedness and life-musicality. We will experience tiny villages (”bygder”) and the small capital of the realm, Torshavn, and its oases. Our main focus will be the Faroe Islands as a living landscape temple and a natural realm as we open our souls to the wild winds and the songs of the mountains or fjelds.


Unforgettable destinations

On the journey we will visit key destinations. The Faroe Islands are known as ”the land of maybe”, indicating that the weather indicates if you can visit a place or not. Because of this no plan can be made without possible deviations and it is necessary always to have a ”Plan B” (and a ”Plan C”). Our focus will be the deeper contemplation in nature on several islands, and the program here has the ”maybe” condition, so we will not designate days, but priorities for the 8 days.


Mykines Island - the most western bird paradise of the Islands. We will walk out to the lighthouse in magnificent setting and greet the puffins, the gannets and other breeding birds on the western edge.


Kalsoy Island with the Selkie Woman in Mikladalur and Kallur Lighthouse far up North with rare views to other islands and a mighty and gentle presence of the Kallurin peak.


Suduroy Island – a world of its own with rare landscapes, holding the very first flag of the Faroese nation, and with the most southern Akraberg lighthouse.


Slættaratindur on Eysturoy Island, the highest peak (880 meter above sea-level) on the Faroe Islands, and with a stunning view in good weather.


Trøllkonufingur, cliff-finger of the witch on Vagur island, a beautiful and accessible area, easy to climb to get a wonderful view as well as an experience of silent undisturbedness.


Streymoy wonders: Saksun Sea Village, Tjørnuvik Cove, Fossá Waterfall and Elves Hill (Alvheyggur) on an enchanted journey in itself.


Trælanipa and Bøsdalafossur - dramatic edge of Cliffs and Sea, offering rare views and opportunities for deep contempation and connection with the wildness and the deep peace.


The Capital Torshavn with its magical park, Viðarlundin, as well as shops, The Nordic House, the Art Museum Listasavn and charming Tinganæs and Reyn, where the Faroese democracy oroginated.


Not a tourist trip

The journey is not arranged to cruise around to as many places as possible, but to create deep contact with the landscape and nature and to blend into wholeness. It takes time and because of this we will not rush from place to place, but take time to land and connect meditatively.


Hiking and clothing

Good walking legs is a requirement and it is neccesary to be realistic about this as we will hike and climb. Fear of heights is not a good thing, but we will walk safely and follow admonitions from the Faroese people with local knowledge. Even though it’s summer, the Faroese weather can quickly change between fog, rain and sunshine. Hat, gloves and raingear is needed just in case, but bathing clothes are also relevant. The temperature is around 10-15 celsius, but it feels warmer than the same temperature in Denmark and the sea is not ice cold due to the Gulf Stream.


Accomodation, food and transport

The group will be limited to 15 people each week and accomodation will be at Magenta Guesthouse, owned by Marita Johansdottir Magnussen who is host, but will also participate, help creating a family community of spiritually likeminded people with an open interest in the Sidhe (Scandinavian "Huldra") and opening to our inner Sidhe Nature in communion with Mighty Mother Nature - Mountains, valleys, the Sea, the endless streams and waterfalls full of the songs of silence.


You must prepare to share room with another persons as there are only very few single rooms. Food will be either meatbased or vegetarian, but glutenfree, allergic considerations and vegan options is not made. The Faroe Islands is mainly based on fishing and sheeps, and because of this we have to make two choices. Most of the meals we will make together and lunch packets will be prepared from Magenta by us, before we hike.


We will drive in 3 private cars, which gives us maximal freedom, and during the days we will have inner focus on spiritual themes, there will be teaching about the Sidhe and the Faroe Islands, and lots of time to meditate in stunning nature as the weather allows. The Faroese poet and painter, William Heinesen, will be introduced in Sidhe-context. To repeat: The Faroe Islands is "the land of maybe" as the weather changes quickly, so a very flexible condition is a requirement. We always have a "plan B" (and C) and the days might be switched if the weather change.


Weeks and Participants

FIRST JOURNEY will be from 29. june to 6. July 2021

SECOND JOURNEY will be from: 8. July to 15. July 2021


There is only space for 15 participants in total on each journey, including Søren Hauge and Marita Johansdottir, and the number creates opportunities for a much more intimate atmosphere with trust and private sharings.


Teacher and Guide

Teacher and guide on the journey is Søren Hauge, and host and assisting guide is Marita Johansdottir who is Faroese and with deep insight into the land and the Faroese culture. Søren has been on the Faroese Islands 5 times and led group journeys to the islands in 2017 and 2020. Illustrated materials will be shared during the journey and each day will sthart with a gathering and meditative attunement.


Why Avalon?

Avalon means ”the isle of fruit” in the British Grail tradition, and the ’Avalon of the North’ is chosen as a symbolical name for the heart-green Faroe Islands being the symbolic trees (the mountains), with their fruits (thousands of streams and waterfalls). It truly is an Avalon – a green Grail kingdom embodied in the spiky peaks and the valley bowls. The poetic songs of the silence through the living waterfalls celebrates the life-renewal we all long for – and the dance between the Wild water and the Immutable Rocks manifests the Elvenforce within us in unique ways.



(Minor changes may occur)


Destination: The Faroe Islands


Dates: FIRST JOURNEY: 29. june to 6. July 2021, SECOND JOURNEY: 8. July to 15. July 2021


Price: 1715 USD$ (10.700 Dkr.) - excl. Fly ticket (see below)


Accomodation and transport: Magenta Guesthouse in Midvagur and 3 privately hired cars.


Flight: From Denmark, Billund, Aalborg or Kastrup Airport with Atlantic Airways to Vagar Airport, The faroe Islands (Færøerne). Early booking from Denmark costs around 1.500-1.600 Dkr. for both ways . It is important to get air-tickets finalized as quickly as possible so seat is secured and price is as low as possible.


Spaces in total for each week: 12 – plus Søren Hauge, Regitze Sonne and Marita Johansdottir Magnussen.


Registration: Write to Søren Hauge (sorenhauge@gmail.com) with payment of deposit (see below) and personal info (name, postal adress, phone number and mail). Regitze Sonne, Sørens personal helper, will further assist, also with finding room.


Latest registration: 1. november 2020.


Payment at registration: Deposit 560 USD$ (3.500 DKK.) Paid at registration to WiseHeart Merkur Bank-account: 8401 – 156 3842. International bank-transfer: Swift: mekudk21 - IBAN: dk2484010001563842 – or via Paypal to Søren Hauge with a clear transfer note saying ”FAROE ISLANDS GROUP JOURNEY 2021”.


Remainder: To be paid at the latest one month before departure.


Cancellation policy: Deposit minus 50 USD$ is returned by cancellation before 1. February 2021 if a new participant is found as replacement. Cancellation later than d.1. february 2021 will only give right to return due to serious illness (documented by doctor) and exclusive deposit.


Travel agency: Wiseheart, www.sorenhauge.com – Søren Hauge



* Magenta Guesthouse for 7 nights

* Breakfast and lunch packet with fruit and water.

* Transportation in 3 cars (5 persons in each).

* Transportation from Vagar Airport to Magenta Guesthouse in Midvagur – and back.

* Ferry tickets to Mykines, Kalsoy and Suderoy.

* Dinner all evenings except one the day Torshavn is visited.

* Teaching and materials.



* Flight to Vagar Airport, The Faroe Islands, and back.

* Transportation between home and airport in home country.

* Dinner and lunch besides what Magenta Guesthouse can offer.

* Luggage insurance.

* Travel insurance.