The Irish Sidhe Journey 2019

Søren Hauge & Jeremy Berg – co-sponsored by The Lorian Association

18-25. september 2019
AND 27. september – 4. october 2019

Join a unique group-journey to the Sidhe-Heartland of Ireland in Sligo and Donegal in Northwest-Ireland, areas renowned for their deep Sidhe-roots. The group-journey leads to some of the outstanding, magical and mythical places where the beauty and majesty of nature brings healing and renewal, and where the Irish music and culture is woven into the landscape.

We will follow the footsteps of the seers, artists and cultural pioneers, William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) and George William Russell (‘AE’) (1867-1935), who were close friends. Yeats wrote many times about the Sidhe and the quote on this picture is one of many, describing an essence of the Sidhe-nature. ‘AE’ had a deep focus on the Sidhe- and Angel-kingdom, embedded in the Irish landscape, its landscappe temples and energetic places. He was a unique and authentic spiritual and cultural pioneer and his paintings and poems are portals to the Sidhe, our close relatives who are vividly portrayed in the Irish music- and songtradition. (See one of his paintings further below).

We will experience the Irish landscapes and combine teaching and meditation with energetic work, hiking and relaxation. Søren will be the main teacher, assisted by Jeremy. Participation requires a basic knowledge about the Sidhe, Angels and Nature Spirits, plus “good legs” and a good physical condition for hiking and longer walks in a varied landscape. Our main focus will be Sidhe-cooperation and healing ourselves and Gaia through connection to the sacred landscapes of Ireland and the celtic-druidic tradition relating to the Sidhe. It is warmly recommended that all participants have a knowledge about these books: The Wild Alliance, by Søren Hauge, Lorian Press 2015, Conversations with the Sidhe, by David Spangler, Lorian Press 2014, Card Deck of the Sidhe, by Jeremy Berg and David Spangler, Lorian Press 2011.

Søren Hauge has worked as spiritual teacher, coach and author since 1981. He has written 18 books and in recent years he has specialized in the SoulFlow Method (a healing-therapeutic work), Sidhe Wisdom, group-journeys and client work. He works closely with his partner, Sussie Luscinia Nielsen, and cooperates with colleagues in and outside Denmark. He is a Lorian Associate and committed to Incarnational Spirituality. Søren has an MA in History of Ideas and philosophy and many years of experience with work in esoteric and holistic groups, mostly in Scandinavia, together with interreligious cooperation. His website has an english section:

Jeremy Berg is a very experienced spiritual practitioner, educator, artist, Lorian priest and author of The Gathering Light: An Exploration into the Incarnational Way, A Knight to Remember and Faerie Blood. He is also working as a publisher and owner of Lorian Press ( and together with David Spangler he has created The Sidhe Card Deck ( Jeremy will be assisting teacher with Søren on the Irish journey.

1. Arrival – Dublin
FIRST DAY: Wednesday 18. september (27 sep.)
Landing in Dublin Airport and arrival at our first hotel in Dublin. Here we will have our initial gathering and prepare for the rest of the journey. There will be space for people to arrive during the day, so the gathering will be during the evening.

2. Newgrange and Hill of Tara
SECOND DAY: Thursday 19. september
 (28 sep.) We will use this day to visit epic Newgrange and Hill of Tara. Newgrange is one of the unique neolithic stone monuments in Ireland, more than 5000 years old, impressive and with sidhe-relevant ornaments. In its totality it is a major Temple with a relationship to the sunrise at Winther Solstice and the birthing process of awakening consciousness. From here we will visit Hill of Tara with its Stone of Destiny, Lia Fáil, symbolically one of the four Sidhe-treasures or Sacred Hallows from Tuatha de Danaan. After the visit our bus will go to Sligo in Northwest Ireland where we will settle for the next days.

3. Knocknarea & Ben Bulben
THIRD DAY: Friday 20. september  (29 sep.)
From our hotel in Sligo we will visit and climb Knocknarea, the famous, large limestone hill deeply connected to the Sidhe-tradition. On the top of it is the Cairn of Queen Maeve, a monument for the semi-mythical warrior queen with a beautiful symbology. It takes less than an hour to climb Knocknarea but there are steep ascents and good footwear is important. Later we will visit Ben Bulben, the impressive and huge Faery Fort in the Sligo County landscape, known for Sidhe sightings. Both places are described by Yeats in Sidhe-poems and important places on our journey. We will take our time to attune with the living mountain and its distinct atmosphere. The evening will be spent in in the city Sligo.

4. The Glencar Waterfall & Mountain
FOURTH DAY: Saturday 21. september  (30 sep.)
On this day we will use all our time visiting the beautiful and gorgeously placed Glencar Waterfall not that far from Sligo. Yeats mention this place in his Sidhe-poem “The Stolen Child”, and it is clear that the very special place is a gateway to the Sidhe. We will take our time and climb the mountain behind the waterfall, entering the deeper landscape with the Sidhe-Wildness. This climbing takes about 90 minutes and although the road up through a forest is safe, it is steep. Above we will take time to attune to the presence and unique atmosphere. It is a day dedicated “to the waters and the wild” (Yeats, The Stolen Child).

5. Dunfanaghy, Marble Hill & Horn Head
FIFTH DAY: Sunday 22. september  (1 oct.)
This day we will travel to Dunfanaghy in Donegal, North of County Sligo. Here our base will be the beautiful Arnolds Hotel. After arrival we will gather and take the bus to nearby Marble Hill Beach, visit The Shack and experience the amazing sand beach and the surrounding landscape. Here AE lived in a place called “Fairy Cottage”. He wrote poems and hiked in the area, painting and has extensive Sidhe experiences. He saw the area as a major spiritual region for all Ireland and invited many friends to stay with him here. After Marble Hill Beach we will drive to Horn Head, a stunning landscape nearby, and hike in the wild. Returning back to the hotel will be walking in ones own pace and time.

6. Glenveagh National Park, Mount Errigal & Poisoned Glen
SIXTH DAY: Monday 23. september  (2 oct.)
This day we drive to Glenveagh National Park close to the mountains called The Seven Sisters, and we walk 2,5 miles in the park until we reach beautiful Glenveagh Castle. The Park is a beautiful opening to the Irish landscape and the castle has four paintings of ‘AE’ in the Library. Following this we drive to Poisoned Glen at the foot of Mount Errigal. The valley is full of the depth of silence and a peaceful presence. We will take our time to sink in to the atmosphere and nature of this very special place, fitting for meditation and renewal. All the time we are in the presence of Mount Errigal, the crown mountain of The Seven Sisters that are rooted in Mount Muckish just behind Dunfanaghy where we stay. These mountains play a special role in the Sidhe-work of ‘AE’ and The Seven Sisters constinute a complete Landscape Temple or chakra system in itslf.

7. Beltany Stone Circle, Grianan of Aileach
SEVENTH DAY: Tuesday 24. september  (3 oct.)
From Dunfanaghy we take a longer drive to Beltany Stone Circle not far from the border to North Ireland. It is a large stone circle, today with 64 stones, placed on a soft plateau with a beautiful view. There is a livingness here attracting visitors, and the name itself suggests it has been dedicated to the festival of Beltane (1. May) and therefore to one of the Celtic festivals connected to the Sidhe. We will take our time to attune to the presence and connect with the Sidhe as well as our own Sidhe-nature. Leaving the circle we take to Grianan of Aileach, at hillfort on the top of high Greenan Mountain at Inishowen in County Donegal. The view from there invites for perspective and a crowning of all the jewels from the journey. We will gather and connect with the presence before we return to Dunfanaghy for the last night in Donegal.

8. Departure from Dublin
EIGHT DAY: Wednesday 25. september  (4 oct.)
This day is departure from Donegal and we take the bus to Dublin. As there may be several different departures from the airport we will leave Arnolds Hotel after breakfast.

The Weather, Nature & Culture
Irish weather change a lot and we have no guarantee that things are optimal on the days of our destinnations. However, we can change our cloathes for rain and wind and bring boots for the occasion. You need to be fit for hiking as there will be days with extensive walking as well as climbing. Please note that walking during this journey is more than just taking a stroll and leave a bus during a break 🙂 Besides this Irish pub-culture is also central and we will make room for experiencing this during the journey.

The focus on the Journey
Our focus is especially on the Sidhe and the Angelic as well as Nature Spirit presence in the Irish nature. This will be our Golden Thread, and we will focus on how this relates to the awakening of our own inner Sidhe-nature. Basic knowledge about the Sidhe, and an interest in Sidhe-cooperation is a condition for participation on the Journey. We will also have a special focus also on the contributions to Sidhe understanding through William Buther Yeats and his friend George William Russell (‘AE’). Their role in Ireland regarding the awareness of the Sidhe in recent time has been major. (The picture here is a Sidhe-painting of AE from National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin.)


NB: Minor changes may occur.

Destination: Ireland, first East Ireland and the Northwest Ireland.
Dates (first group): Wednesday 18. september – Wednesday 25. september 2019.
Dates (second group): Friday 27. september – Friday 4. oktober 2019.
: With single room 1750,- USD. and with shared room 1500,- USD. – exclusive flight tickets and guaranties – see further down.
Accomodation: We will stay at a hotel in central Dublin (underway). In Sligo we will stay at Sligo City Hotel ( – a central hotel with free wifi and good rooms. Sligo has appr. 20.000 inhabitants and is right at the center for “Yeats Country”. Not far from Dunfanaghy we will use Downings Bay Hotel ( in a beautiful area at the coast and also with free wifi and nice rooms.

Transport: We will use a bus from McGinley Travel Group (
Flight: From different destinations meeting at Dublin Airport. Booking has to be made individually with an assured arrival on wednesday 18. september. It is important to get airtickets finalized ASAP so price is good and seats are assured.
Total number: 25 – Inkluding Søren Hauge & Jeremy Berg.
Registration: Write to Regitze Sonne: on agreement regarding accomodation and personal info (Full name, adress, phone number and mail) and pay the 550 USD deposit (see button below). The remaning payment will be later. Deposit is your guarantee for participation. NOTE FOR DANISH PARTICIPANTS ONLY: Du betaler 3500 Dkr til Merkur Bank 8401-1563842 – overfør ikke via knappen herunder, men direkte til Sørens konto.

NB: Deposit is NOT refundable. Many expences have to be payed in advance to hotels and bus company. Therefore a minimal guarantee is necessary in case of cancellation as replacements may be difficult as time goes.
Last payment: At the latest = 1. april 2019.
Cancellation: Unless a new participant can replace, there is no return of payed money (deposit and balances) after 7. april 2019.
Organizer and team: Wiseheart, v/Søren Hauge & Regitze Sonne in association with Lorian Association.

* Hotel accomodation including breakfast – 7 nights (Dublin, Sligo & Dunfanaghy)
* Transport by bus most of the days
* Lunchpacks from hotel some of the days
* Payment for entrance – Newgrange & Glenveagh Castle (Shuttle)
* Teaching & materials
* Flight to Dublin Airport and back
* Transport between home and airport
* Dinner and some Lunches
* Luggage-assurance
* Travel-assurance