The Sidhe-Human Connection 1-5


I have been asked by several people to create an online Sidhe School, mirroring the School Sussie and I have held in Denmark 3 times. It is impossible at the present stage to do it in the same way online – for several reasons (we use 5 weekends with many exercises and intensive sharing), but I am ready to create a series of webinars that will engage our Inner Sidhe nature and give inspiration to engage with our Sidhe relatives. It is important that newcomers can sign up, but I will also make it relevant to more experienced people already working with the Sidhe – outer and inner. The first series will be 5 webinars, each with a duration of 2 hours of mixed teaching, exercises and sharing, followed by suggested practice. The sessions will be recorded and available if you are not able to participate live. Here are the themes:


1) Monday 20. JANUARY 2020: Introducing the Sidhe: Who are they and what is it all about?


2) Monday 2. FEBRUARY 2020: Essentials of our Sidhe nature: Our hidden treasures – our Gentle Wildness


3) Monday 17. FEBRUARY 2020: Sidhe Experiences: Why and how?


4) Monday 2. MARCH 2020: Unfolding our Sidhe Nature in a challenged world: The Invitation and Opportunity


5) Monday 16. MARCH 2020: Tools and opportunities: Inspiration to engagement


There is so much in the whole energy field that there can easily emerge a next series of 6-10, etc., but right now this is being launched as a startup. Sussie will participate part of the time. I am looking very much forward to this engagement! See right here:




DATES: 20/1 2020, 2/2 2020, 17/2, 2020 3/3 2020 & 16/3 2020


TIME: MONDAYS 7-9PM – Central European Time (GMT + 1)


PRICE: 110 USD$ for all 5 Webinars (10 hours)


SIGNING UP: Mail to me at and give me your name and let me know which country you are from. Let me know that you are paying when you mail me


PAYMENT: Via Paypal BEFORE first dates


NOTE: It is only possible to pay for all 5 webinars. They will be recorded and if you cannot attend live, there is a replay – however with no options of asking questions. Invitation to webinars will be sent to all that have payed and shared email.


Søren Hauge has worked as a Danish Spiritual Teacher since 1981. For 30 years he worked full-time as a teacher in Theosophy and Esoteric Psychology, mostly in Scandinavia, and also engaged with interreligious dialogue. He has an MA in history of ideas and philosophy, has published 18 books and developed his own path as spiritual coach, specialising in sidhe wisdom, SoulFlow healing and energy psychology. Søren is a Lorian associate.